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Food Friday No.23

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Welcome back to Food Friday, sorry it's been a few weeks everything Lockdown 2.0 took over.

As promised I've got a couple of podcasts for you and a load of recipes. have this blog as two weeks rolled into one. Obviously things are once again a bit different with lockdown here again, hopefully you've not done my trick from lockdown 1 and empty the biscuit tin.

If you are feeling stressed, walk away from your laptop, grab a brew and just chill for 5-10 minutes. I've been doing headspace, audio books to let my mind just do it's own thing and it's been great. But don't forget the importance of good quality healthy nutrition and keeping well hydrated.



👈 Secrets of Notorious "SuperFoods": Myths and Facts

On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we are diving into the myths, legends, and facts behind "superfoods".

In this episode, you’ll gain some insight on why you should always take nutrition advice with a grain of salt as well as some personal insight from Lauren on how she healed her relationship with food.

👈 Can Your Diet Help Reduce Stress?

Don't believe everything you hear about stress-busting foods. Nutrition Diva sorts fact from fiction to help you boost your mood and beat stress belly.



I've looking around and found some seasons offerings. My Protein have got 5 winter warmers for you. Bulk Powders have easy egg white breakfasts. The Protein Works have love vegan cinnamon buns. Finally My Vitamins have some Vitamin D3 if you're looking to boost your levels during the winter months. Click the links below to give them a look and see what you fancy cooking up this weekend.

The Pumpkin Thai Red Curry looks very nice from MyProtein, a true winter warmer!


Enjoy your weekend fitness family


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