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Hydration is key

Do you give your hydration the attention it deserves? If not don’t worry I’ve found a few blogs which can help you out. The Eatwell Guide states 6-8 cups/glasses of fluid a day, do you get anywhere near that? If you do but it’s 8 cups of coffee or 8 pints of beer, we’ve got some work to do.

The blogs below will help highlight the “invisible calories” drinks contain and why they might be holding you back from your fitness goals. The others have healthy smoothie and fruit infusion recipes for you to try.

To give you a little comparison with your current hydration, here’s my average daily fluid intake -

· 2 cups of tea

· 4 water bottles

· 2 Shakers of BCAAs or a Protein Shake (all made with water)

· 2 pints of sugar free squash

When I make a smoothie/shake at home the liquid content I use is 60% water & 40% oat milk to provide a few extra calories on a very active day, or 100% water when it's purely for hydration.

Understanding Liquid Calories

When you log your food/calories do you log your drinks? If not I would highly recommend you start doing it. A protein shake with milk and peanut butter will contain a lot more calories than you think. Your glass of wine "treat" after work can add up to over 2400 calories a month. No food or drink is off the table but moderation is crucial!

Click the link below for the full blog


5 Easy High-Protein Smoothie Recipes

I know some of you look at smoothies/shakes as meal replacement when you've got a busy day and you're short on time. So here's a few high-protein recipes to give you new ideas. If you're a coffee lover there's one in there for you.

Click the link below for the full blog


3 Refreshing Fruit Infuser Recipes

Do you add a slice of fruit to your water bottle? Have you ever added herbs?

Give these recipes a try to easily increase your vitamin and mineral intake while upping your hydration levels in a very tasty way.

Click the link below for the full blog


Hopefully this blog has given you a few hints, tips or new ideas to help you on your health and fitness journey.


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