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Food Friday No.1

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Welcome to #FoodFriday bringing you different healthy recipes, healthy eating podcasts and advice each week.

This week brings a chicken curry recipe, information around fats and a positive nutrition series of podcasts.


Chicken Curry Recipe

First up, a delicious chicken, sweet potato and coconut curry from MyProtein. Check out the video below for a look at what you can cook up.

Click the link below for the full nutritional information and recipe.



"Now if we aren’t bad mouthing carbs, the rest of the population are bad mouthing fats. Fats still get a bad rap and many still think that in order to lose weight they must go ‘low fat’. Now as I always say everyone’s dietary needs are individual to them and their current goals but fats should never be kept too low or removed as they provide so many health benefits."

Follow the link below for the full article on why Fats don't make you fat.



"The foundation of Positive Nutrition is to help individuals, communities and experts create positive relationships with food. Through individual nutrition therapy, online courses, training for experts and more, Positive Nutrition provides sustainable, practical and positive health and nutrition solutions."

Below you is access to over 160 podcasts covering a really wide range of eating topics.


Have a great weekend and cook up a healthy storm in the kitchen.


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