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Food Friday No.14

Hello and welcome back to #FoodFriday

This week I bring you sweet potatoes!

- Sweet Potato Spinach Frittata Recipe

- Baked Sweet Potato & Feta Tacos

- Should I eat less protein for less intense home workouts?

Check out all the information below.


Sweet Potato Spinach Frittata

Want a quick fix for your hunger pangs? This Sweet Potato & Spinach Frittata by The Muscle Bakery couldn’t be easier – in the pan, bake, voilà! Dinner is served.

Click Bulk Powders logo to see the recipe.


Baked Sweet Potato & Feta Tacos

Niall Kirkland is serving up yet another incredible idea for you to get creative with in the kitchen. Loaded with baked sweet potato, crumbled feta, tangy salsa, chilli-lime soured cream, crisp shredded lettuce, and plenty of hot sauce — these soft-shell tacos are a flavour explosion to waiting to happen.” Lauren Dawes


Should I eat less protein for less intense home workouts?

“Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a fully equipped gym in our back garden or garage, so making do with little to no equipment can leave us feeling like our workouts don’t amount to as much as they once did.

The real question is, though, do we still need to get in as much protein now that our workouts are less intense? Here’s an expert’s answer…” Shannah Hatch


If there's any specific information you would like let me know and I will find as much as I can for you.


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