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Food Friday No.19

It's #FoodFriday I hope you're ready for a load of new recipes.

- Easy to follow recipes

- Breakfast on the go

- Banana Coconut no back flapjack

- Whipped Coffee

Click on the links to see the full recipe and information.


Easy to follow recipes

"During the Coronavirus outbreak, shops are becoming increasingly short on food supplies, meaning our cupboards may start to look a little bare in the coming weeks. To ensure you don’t find yourself eating bland beans on toast day after day, we’ve compiled a list of recipes that are not only easy to follow, but require minimal ingredients, whilst still being full of flavour and nutrition." Matmearns

Click the link below to see the recipes 👇


10 Healthy Breakfast Perfect For Grabbing On-The-Go

"Right now, anything that may make our lives just a little bit easier and a little less stressful is a bonus. By starting the day off right, with a quick, simple and nutritious breakfast, you’ll set the tone for the day and ensure your body and brain are firing on all cylinders." Ryank

Click the water to read the full article👇


Banana Coconut no back flapjacks

"Check out this triple layer delight, incorporating not 1, not 2, but 3 of our Pure Whey Protein™ flavours (if you decide to be this adventurous!) Simply mix the contents together, add the layers, pop it in the freezer and voila! Give this Banana Coconut No Bake Flapjack recipe a bash!"

Click the link below to see the recipe 👇


Whipped Coffee

"By now, you’re probably very familiar with the sight of whipped coffee, right? The swirled, stiff peaks were literally made for Instagram. The trend actually began in South Korea as a way for people to virtually connect, but then (like all good things at the moment) it made its way on onto TikTok and the rest is history." Lauren Dawes

Click the link below to see the recipe 👇

Click the link below to see all the different flavours of coffee available from Beanies 👇


If there's any specific information you would like let me know and I will find as much as I can for you.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget to share your whipped coffee and anything else you make from the blogs with me on social media.


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