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Food Friday No.2

Welcome to #FoodFriday bringing you different healthy recipes, healthy eating podcasts and advice each week.

This week brings 8 commandments of good running, 20 minute fitness podcast well worth a listen, a winter warmer chicken stew and what to eat post workout.


8 Commandments of good running nutrition

"Is nutrition too complicated? These eight simple commandments are guaranteed to make you healthier, fitter and faster." Click the image below to visit Runners World and check out their guide.


One-Pot Chicken Stew - Warming Winter Meal Prep

Click the link below for the full recipe and watch the YouTube video to see how good your evening meal could be.

"The days are getting shorter, the heating is on, and your puffer coat is back out. There’s no denying that winter is well and truly on its way — so it’s time to match your meal prep accordingly."


What To Eat After A Workout - Post-Workout Meals & Snacks

"Whether you’ve been training for a number of years, or are new to the gym, you’ll likely have experienced some form of muscle soreness following a workout.

Having difficulty climbing the stairs after a tough cycle or a gruelling leg workout isn’t much fun, but the right nutritional strategy can help reduce post-workout pain and get you back in the gym sooner." Click the link below for full details.


20 minute fitness podcast

Twenty Minute Fitness brings you the latest and best news and advice in nutrition, health, weight loss and digital health in less than 20 minutes! Proudly produced in California by Shape.

It's a really easy listen and the quick fire episodes are great.


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