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Food Friday No.3

Welcome to #FoodFriday bringing you different healthy recipes, healthy eating podcasts and advice each week.

It's Stir-Friday!!!

- Two really good looking and healthy home made stir-fry dishes to replace those grease take-aways.

- What are macros?

- Achieving Fitness Podcast



It's Friday night, but not take-away night any more. I've just cooked and eaten my first Stir-fry on my new cooker and it was sooooo nice. Check out the two recipes below and see if you can mix up your weekend take-away to a home made meal.


What are macros?

Macronutrients are the building blocks of nutrition. Comprising of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, macros are the nutrients we need most. All foods contain these three macronutrients in varying degrees, and by manipulating the ratio of macros you eat, you can alter your results.

by Alexandra Parren


Achieving Fitness Podcast

1) What foods you should be looking to consume and why you shouldn’t eliminate certain foods entirely even if they're “bad” for you.

2) Anxiety around food, portion control, and strategies to understand and manage hunger cues.

3) Energy balance, and the concept of “Calories In; Calories Out”


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