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Food Friday No.6

Hello and welcome back to #FoodFriday

This week I've found for you:-

- Healthy hydration guide

- Healthy Sausage Rolls

- White Chocolate Protein Snowballs.

Healthy Hydration Guide

Check out the website below for a read on why we need water, signs you're dehydrated and more.

Healthy Sausage Rolls

With this simple recipe you can tuck into these Christmas classics without a second’s thought, as we’ve replaced buttery pastry with tortilla wraps to put a healthier spin on everyone’s favourite festive snack. - Lauren Dawes

White Chocolate Protein Snowballs

These delicious, bite-sized snowballs are the perfect treat to keep you going through the last few sets of your workout, no matter how dark it is outside. Plus, they’re a sweet and simple way to boost your daily protein intake, helping to support muscle growth and maintenance. - Lauren Dawes

#MedalMonday is going to be huge!


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