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Food Friday No.7

Hello and welcome back to #FoodFriday

This week I've found for you:-

- 10 Healthy Breakfasts

- A vegan shopping list

- Achieving Fitness Podcast

Check out all the information below.


10 healthy breakfasts

"If you prioritise sleep over a good breakfast, you might be after something you can quickly grab on the go. Rather than skip this pretty important meal, try some of these simple brakfast ideas that’ll keep you going until lunchtime."


Vegan Shopping List

"If you’re new to following a plant-based lifestyle, it’s pretty normal to be concerned about whether or not you’re getting all the nutrients you once got from animal products.

From baking ingredients to snacks, if you’re new to veganism and want to know where to get started, here’s your list." Jennifer Blow - Qualified Nutritionist.


Achieving Fitness Podcast

" In question one, we discuss the concept of eating every 2-4 hours and whether or not it is superior for “stoking your metabolism” (2:34). Lastly, we go over whether or not nutrition is the most important factor to your health and fitness success (17:19)!" - Jason and Lauren Pak.


If there's any specific information you would like let me know and I will find as much as I can for you.

#MedalMonday up next


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