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Food Friday No.8

Hello and welcome back to #FoodFriday

This week I've found for you:-

- Valentines Day Treats

- Easy Healthy Recipes

- 20 Minute Fitness Podcast

Check out all the information below.


Sweeten Valentine’s Day with these tasty treats

The sheet pan protein pancakses look really nice, there's a few "naughty" treats in there but if you follow the link and go all the way to the bottom there's a few really good looking recipes too - spicy chicken with couscous, lentil dahl and beef ramen noodles.


Easy Healthy Recipes: Your Complete Cookbook

"Easy healthy recipes sound like a dream to the midweek kitchen. Because finding time to cook in the week can be tricky and finding time to cook healthily in the week can be even harder." Roxanne Griggs Public Health Nutritionist


20 Minute Fitness Podcast

"You might be wondering why we're talking about beetroot in this episode? It's just another vegetable after all, no? Well not exactly. Beetroot is actually one of the least commonly known superfoods out there. Due to its high dietary nitrate content, it has many benefits for your health & fitness." - 20 Minute Fitness.


If there's any specific information you would like let me know and I will find as much as I can for you.

#MedalMonday up next


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