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Medal Monday No.1

Welcome to the first #MedalMonday

This is one big shout out to all the #IlsonGlowsticks Fitness Family members, you've all absolutely smashed it in 2019!

Over the years I've been trying different ways to show my appriciation to your effortes away from group and 1-2-1 sessions and it feels like each evolution improves just like your running does.



I put together the below video to highlight your amazing running achievements over the year. Loads of amazing events, medals and PBs shared by you all.



I knew there would be way too many memories and the video would be rediculasly long so I mixed it up and gave you weekly mentions with #MedalMonday on social media.



What will 2020 bring? More events, more PBs, more medals and far more information. I'm going to keep the #MedalMonday going on social media but there will also be blogs around events people have done, links to charity pages they're doing the events for and more.

I know there are a few more medals still being worked towards to finish off the year with Training Rewarded events being finished off. Don't forget to check out the Wall of Fame and see which events you will take on next year to really push your health & fitness to the next level.


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