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Medal Monday No.3

There's no Fitness Family medals to show off yet this year but there will be soon. It's great to see all the different events clients are signing up to this year and it looks like Derby 10k is a very popular event with you lot this year so expect a bumper Medal Monday with loads of selfies. The Monday night Cardio Core trio (Colette, Krystle and Vicky) are all running it so if you see them out on a training run give them a wave.

Krystle is running for The Neverest Orthopaedics "We aim to improve the standard of trauma and orthopaedic care as well as providing medical rehabilitation in the wider Nepali community."

Click the link to support Krystle - JustGiving The Neverest Orthopaedics


Danny and Jo have started their Isle of Wight training to kick of the 100+km walks for 2020.

Keep a look out on MyZone, Strava, Facebook etc as they take on some big training walks over the year and give them plenty of support while they take on their events. Both charities are close to their hearts with Danny doing all his events for The national Autistic Society and Jo for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you've got any really nice training routes for them to try send them a message.


The three people currently working towards the first Training Rewarded medals of the year are doing really well. Keep on earning those MEPs and smashing those miles and the medals will be yours.


Keep me updated on any events you're doing so I can give you a little shout-out and share your success with the rest of the Fitness Family.



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