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Workout Wednesday No.24

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

See which combo you fancy adding to your workout this week.

- DB Workout & CV

- Patreon

- Medball Complex

Enjoy your exercise


15 Minute Workout

I set a 15 minute limit for myself on this one. 10 Dumbbell Clean Press and Lunge on each leg into 500m on the BikeErg. Your cardio could be what ever you've got available at home, shuttle runs in the garden - skipping, step ups. My Dumbbell was 10kg so a medium weight for the sets allowing me to hold a faster tempo.



I will be getting my Patreon account set up soon. There will be different membership levels giving different levels of content. The top level will have access to increasing full workouts with warm up, dynamic stretching, main workout, cool down, and static stretching. Lower levels will have access to vote for the content going on YouTube and which Zone Match workouts I should take on. Think of it like a fitness on demand service, so you can train with me on days and times that match your availability.


Medball Complex

If you're after a quick fire Medicine Ball complex to get your heart pumping give this a try.


Brand new videos coming to YouTube next week!

See you back here for #FoodFriday


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