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Workout Wednesday No.3

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

This week I've got links and information around:-

- How to improve your running performance.

- How to structure a rest day.

- Deadlift technique.

- HIIT Ratios and how to use them.


How to improve your running performance

"With Eluid Kipchoge breaking the two-hour marathon barrier and the ballot results for the London marathon becoming available in the last week, running is a hot topic on everyone’s lips. Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a running pro, we’re here to provide some tips on how to improve your running performance." by Charlotte Stanway


How to structure your rest day

"Rest days- do you love them or hate them? Either way, if you are training hard enough, you will need a rest day. This will give your CNS time to recover, prevent overuse injuries, provide a mental break and give the muscles all important time to grow and repair." By Savannah Westerby BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

Click the link below to find out more -


Correct your Deadlfit

Achieve Fitness Boston have you covered here. Their social media content is top draw and hopefully you find the below post on their Instagram helpful for correcting your deadlifts. The deadlift is all about the hip hinge but at times people tend to have very stiff legs or round their back which puts you at an increased risk of injury. Plus watch how he loads up the double rack squat, it's a perfect double kettlebell clean.


HIIT Ratios and how to use them

The duration and number of your work and recovery phases you perform will depend on your fitness level and training goals. When performing HIIT, research suggests that the range of work and recovery for each interval be 15 seconds up to 2-3 minutes in duration (depending on the ratio of work-to-recovery used). Click the image to read the full article.


See you back here Friday for #FoodFriday


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