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Workout Wednesday No.5

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

This week I've got links and information around:-

- How To Make The Most Of Your Turbo Sessions

- 6 best bicep and tricep exercises for mass

- One week training plan


Winter Cycling: How To Make The Most Of Your Turbo Sessions

"The turbo trainer – love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it is a fundamental piece of training equipment that triathletes and cyclists need in order to execute important sessions, especially during winter. Ironman triathlete and Sundried ambassador Danny Mansfield gives his advice for making the most of your turbo sessions with some key workouts for you to try."


The 6 Best Bicep and Tricep Exercises for Mass

"If there’s one area that aspiring bodybuilders and avid gym-goers love to train its arms.  But, before you head straight for those biceps curls, it’s important to remember that the triceps actually make up two-thirds of your upper arm."

Grant Koch Sports Nutritionist & Strength Coach


One Week Training Plan using MYZONE

You have been asking the MYZONE Master Trainers for specific advice on how often, how hard, and how long to perform different fitness activities. 

Well my friends, we are here to deliver! We have put together a sample one week training plan.

A well-rounded exercise program will contain activities that train the major components of fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility.

In this blog post, we will take you through our sample one week training plan. We will make Frequency, Intensity, and Duration recommendations for the major components of fitness.  


See you back here for #FoodFriday


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