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Workout Wednesday No.9

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

This week I've got a load of really useful videos for you to check out.

- Are you over-training?

- Threshold Running

- Top 5 Exercises by Nathan Cruz

- Exercising with a cold

- Create a new ritual

- Ilkestons No.1 attraction.


Are you over-training?

"Over training is something that most athletes are likely to encounter at some point in their life. It can be tough to spot, but it's important to address. We investigate the causes, the signs, and how to solve it."


Threshold Running

"Whether you're a sprinter or an endurance runner, working on your lactate threshold has a ton of benefits. We explore the threshold run and explain how it could improve your training and racing."


Nathan Cruz pickes out his top 5 exercises

I would like to think these are all familiar to you all as unsurprisingly they're some of my top picks too because they are some of the ebst exercises going.


Exercising with a cold?

Should I exercise with a cold? No I'm not on about COVID-19, just the common cold. Have a read of the article to see your best course of action.


Create a new ritual

"Rituals are a fantastic way to boost happiness and create a grounded, calming sense of being in the world. Creating rituals out of positive habits can help us become more present, create more awareness and more appreciation for what we love." Have a look at their range of downloads for helping you relax, reflect or create new rituals.


Run Talk Run

Last week we visited Ilkeston World Famous "Hole in the Wall" which featured on Radio 1, BBC News, The Last Leg and all Ilkestonians childhood trips into Town. It was a bit of a daft run but you know what, it really doesn't matter! That's the joy of Run Talk Run, we literally had a jog, a chat and a great laugh. No PBs set, no pressure, just a gentle jog. Hopefully a few more of you will join us when you get chance.


See you back here for #FoodFriday


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